Aug 122013


As Kayleigh gets older, she naps less and less.  The naps that she does take are pretty short.  Sometimes she’ll nap for 10-15 minutes, and other times I’ll get lucky and she’ll sleep for an entire half hour. 

Whenever Kayleigh naps, I’m faced with what I call “The Mommy Dilemma”.  I have a very short period of time to myself, to do whatever I’d like to do, but there are so many choices, that I don’t even know where to begin!  She’s been super fussy and clingy lately due to her teething, so I really need to make the most of the time I get while she naps. 

You Know You're a Mom...

10 Things I Could Do While Kayleigh Naps:

1.  Wash the dishes that have been piled up in the sink for 2 days.

2.  Attempt to put a dent in the backload of dirty laundry that’s overflowing my laundry room.

3.  Finally swap out that full Diaper Genie bag for a new one.

4.  Make myself a cup of coffee and hopefully get at least half-way through it before she wakes up.

5.  Make something to eat??  What can I make that is super quick and easy??

6.  Work on my blog.

7.  Try to beat the next level of Candy Crush.

8.  Take a shower and hope that I have time to shave my legs this time.

9. Fold the 5 loads of clean laundry that’s currently residing in Kayleigh’s pack n’ play. 

10.  Stare at my beautiful daughter while she peacefully sleeps.

What do you do while your kids nap?


  One Response to “The Mommy Dilemma: What To Do While Baby Naps??”

  1. Reheat the tea again that I started in the morning.
    Work on my blog.
    Fold the laundry in the pack in play.

    Um, we seem to have very similar lists. Hmm.

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