Aug 082013


I participated in a campaign on behalf of My Blog Spark sponsored by Betty Crocker. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I’ve always really enjoyed baking, but with an infant in the house now, I don’t really have the time (or energy!) to do it anymore. Baking creates a big mess, a lot of dirty dishes, and requires a lot of ingredients.  I barely get a chance to shower most days, let alone have time for baking and cleaning up after myself.  

I thought my baking days were over for good, until I was recently introduced to Betty Crocker Small Size Pouches.  Betty Crocker Small Size Pouches make baking so fast and simple that anyone can do it!  

The best part?  Betty Crocker Small Size Pouches are only $1.00 each!! 

I received the following Betty Crocker Small Size Pouches for review:   Three Cheese Biscuit, Triple Berry Muffin and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  

Betty Crocker Small Size Pouch Biscuits

These mixes can’t get any easier.  All you have to do is add water, mix it up, and bake it in the oven.  The cookie mix does require a bit of butter as well, but seriously, how much easier can it get?  Each mix makes about 6 servings, which is perfect for John and I.  Usually when I bake from scratch, I end up with way too many goodies, and we either eat way more than we should, or they go to waste.  

Betty Crocker Small Size Pouch Muffin

You might think that the goodies from these mixes can’t possibly be as good as baking them from scratch, but I can honestly say, they are, possibly even better!  The biscuits were so light and airy, and I really loved the added cheese flavor.  Usually when I make my own biscuits they come out quite dry and hard, and a bit on the bland side. The cookies were soft and delicious, and the muffins were super moist and flavorful.  I don’t see any reason to bake from scratch anymore!

Betty Crocker Small Size Pouch Chocolate Chip Cookies


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