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August 1, – August 7, 2013 is World Breastfeeding Week, and this year’s theme is “Breastfeeding Support:  Close to Mothers”.


I’ve been breastfeeding Kayleigh for about 2.5 months now, and there certainly are many days when I struggle with it.  Breastfeeding is very demanding on new Moms, and I’ve found it to be quite difficult during these summer months, when we are constantly on the go. It is so much easier to just mix up a bottle, than it is to find a private spot to pull out my breast to feed her.  I’ve been very fearful of my supply drying up lately, as I rely more and more on having that bottle for times when it’s just too difficult to breastfeed.  Kayleigh has also been teething recently, so she’s been very finicky about eating.  Sometimes she’ll want my breast, and other times she will turn it down and drink a bottle.  

Breastfeeding can also be a very painful experience, especially during those first few weeks and/or months, and can lead to new Moms giving up the idea of breastfeeding early on.  

A lot of new Moms don’t receive the support they need to keep breastfeeding.  Often times, just talking with someone about my breastfeeding frustrations really helps me to regroup and continue with it.  There have been many times when I have felt like giving up completely.  I belong to a Pregnancy/New Moms Facebook group, and talking with the other breastfeeding Moms has really helped me to keep trying.  I’d like to breastfeed Kayleigh for a while longer, as I know it’s really good for her.  I think having this support group will really help me to reach my goals.  

If you know a breastfeeding Mom who could use some support, or you are one yourself, check out for some great information and resources. 

Are you currently, or have you ever struggled with breastfeeding?  


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