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Today, I have nursery organization on my mind. Since Kayleigh’s arrival, I have accumulated more and more baby stuff.  I could really use some help in the nursery organization department!  I have more diapers and clothes than I know what to do with. Right now, my crib is full of clothes because I just don’t have any place to put them.  Her closet, and dresser, are already full of clothes, so I need to figure out how to get this nursery organized!

After doing some online research, I found quite a few nursery organization products that look really awesome and useful. I bet these will help me keep my nursery neat and organized, so I can easily find what I need. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

8 Great Nursery Organization Products You Need

1.  Organize Baby’s Changing Supplies

The Dex Baby Nursery Organizer is an awesome tool for helping with nursery organization.  If you find yourself running out of room for your baby’s changing supplies – diapers, wipes, creams, toys to keep them distracted while changing them, etc., then this could really help you out!

Look at all the diapers this thing holds.  I just love that compartment in the middle for the wipes, and there is plenty of room on both sides to hold other things, like creams and toys.

The Dex Baby Nursery Organizer easily attaches to a changing table, dresser, wall or door!

Dex Baby Nursery Organizer

2.  Make More Room for Clothes in Baby’s Closet

Kayleigh’s closet is super full of clothes right now, and I need to make room for more.  This DEX Products Closet Cubby would be perfect for adding more space for clothes!  I can fold all her onesies and store them on the shelves, instead of hanging them up with hangers.  This will save me a ton of room!

DEX Products Closet Cubby

3.  Organize Toys, Stuffed Animals, Odds and Ends, and more!

Behind the nursery door is an excellent place to make more storage room, especially if you have a small nursery and don’t have much floor space to work with.  I love this Delta Girls and Boys 4 Pocket Nursery Organizer.  It comes in pink, blue and beige, so you have a few different color options there.

It easily hooks to the back of your door, keeping it out of sight, but creating a lot more room for you to organize smaller baby items!

Delta Girls and Boys 4 Pocket Nursery Organizer

4.  Organize Your Baby’s Clothes by Size

I don’t know about you, but I have a TON of baby clothes in my house right now.  If Kayleigh’s clothes are not put in size order, I spend way too much time going through them every day, trying to find something that currently fits her.  The solution to this problem is the Baby Buddy 5 Pack Size-It Closet Organizers. Now I can easily keep her clothes organized by size and not have to dig through all of them every day.  I can open her closet door, and quickly pick out something in her current size.

Baby Buddy 5 Pack Size-It Closet Organizers

5.  Organize Your Baby’s Stuffed Animals

Kayleigh’s not old enough to play with stuffed animals yet, but she’s already accumulated a pile of them. This Extra Large Deluxe Pet Net is just what I need to keep them all in one place and from taking up valuable floor space.

Extra Large Deluxe Pet Net

6.  Organize Baby’s Socks & Shoes

Kayleigh has a HUGE amount of socks and shoes already, and they are all just thrown into one of her dresser drawers, making it a big mess.  This 32 Compartment Diamond Drawer Organizer is an awesome way to organize those socks and shoes in a much more manageable way.

32 Compartment Diamond Drawer Organizer

7.  Organize Baby’s Books

Kayleigh already has a bunch of books, and they are currently sitting in a basket on the nursery floor.  It’s really hard to find a particular book we are looking for, because we have to dig through the basket to find it.  This Teamson Bookshelf would be the perfect addition to Kayleigh’s jungle themed nursery!

Teamson Book Shelf

8.  Organize Baby’s Bath Toys

My bathtub is already crowded with shampoos, conditioners, soaps, razors, etc., so I definitely don’t have room for a bunch of bath toys.  This Munchkin Scoop, Drain and Store Bath Toy Organizer is the perfect thing to hold all of baby’s bath toys in one place, without cluttering up your bathtub!  It easily attaches to tub walls with strong adhesive strips.

This extra large bath toy organizer is shaped like a scoop, making it easy to grab toys in a flash. Just unhook the scooper from the wall and glide it across the water for quick, convenient cleanup. The holes allow you to rinse and drain toys in bulk to reduce mold and mildew.

Munchkin Scoop, Drain and Store Bath Toy Organizer

I can’t wait to put some of these great nursery organization products to use in my home!



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  1. Hello! Where can I find one of these? I loved everything!!

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