Apr 282013


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a pregnancy update, and I’m 39 weeks along today!  I can’t believe I actually made it this far, and am now in the final days of pregnancy.  I always had this feeling in my gut that Kayleigh was going to arrive pretty early, but she’s proving me wrong!  John’s birthday is on May 3rd, and he’s really hoping she will be born that day.  We found out we were pregnant on my birthday, so having her on his birthday would be super cool and special!

I haven’t really tried any of the old wives tales for getting labor started in the final days of pregnancy.  No spicy foods or bumpy roads here.  I think if she’s still in there on May 2nd, we just might give some of them a try!

I’ve been feeling very big lately.  Every where I go, I catch people looking at my belly.  Today, John and I were buying some planting soil at Blue Seal.  I was standing next to an older lady, and when she turned around and saw my belly, a very surprised look came over her face.  Then, she blurted out “I hope you’re due soon!”  Uhh, ya, thanks lady!  That really made my day.  Not that I don’t already feel big enough!

Kayleigh was estimated to weigh about 5 1/2 pounds at my last ultrasound, which was done at 34 weeks.  Babies gain about 1/2 pound per week, so that puts her at roughly 8 pounds right now, yikes!  I never imagined I’d have a baby over 8 pounds.  I guess we’ll find out for sure once she arrives!

Aside from feeling huge, I’m also having a considerable amount of heartburn.  This is something I have dealt with a lot during this pregnancy.  I swear, I should have bought stock in Tums!

I’m not working outside the home anymore.  I got done for good on March 29th, and I don’t miss it at all!  I have spent the past month getting all of Kayleigh’s stuff in order.  Her jungle-themed nursery is finished and looks great!  The bedding is Bananafish Jungle BFF.

 Kayleigh’s Jungle-Themed Nursery

jungle nursery bedding

jungle nursery

jungle nursery

jungle nursery

Kayleigh’s Britax Chaperone Carseat is installed in our car, and all of her clothes have been washed, dried and hung up in her closet.  I have also had my hospital bags packed for a while now, and they are already out in the car.  We’re just (impatiently) waiting for her to come now!

Do any of you Moms out there have tips for surviving the final days of pregnancy??  How do you deal with the waiting game?  I’d love to know!



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