What’s On My iPod?

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My fiance bought me an iPod for my birthday last year, and I absolutely loved it!  We had wireless internet at our house, so I was constantly using it to catch up on the latest episodes of my favorite shows, to play games, browse the web, Facebook, etc. A few months later, we decided to get new cell phones, and I ended up getting an iPhone.  So now, my iPod is stashed away in storage somewhere because I don’t really need it anymore.

I absolutely love my iPhone.  This is the first time I’ve ever had a phone that I can go on the internet with, take great pictures with, listen to music on, etc.  I’m a very cheap person, so I’ve always bought very simple, basic phones.  Now, I’d be completely lost without my iPhone.  I carry it around with me everywhere and use it all the time.

One thing I love most about the iPhone is listening to Pandora.  Like I said, I’m a cheap person.  Therefore, I don’t buy songs to download onto my phone, but instead, I listen to Pandora for free.  I think Pandora is one of the best inventions ever.  You get to type in any artist you like, and they’ll create a station that plays songs by that artist, and other artists that are similar.  Great, right?!

I have created several Pandora stations.  My favorites are:

1)  Laid Back Beach Station – This station plays a lot of Jack Johnson, Sublime, Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Jason Mraz, etc.  I love listening to this station because it totally relaxes me.  The music is so upbeat and mellow, and makes me long for warm Summer days on the beach!  This is the station I listen to the most.

2)  60’s Oldies Radio – This station plays a lot of great songs like The Righteous Brothers, The Ronettes, The Temptations, Otis Redding, The Marcels, The Crests, etc.  I just love the old, soulful music from the 60’s!

3)  Cold War Kids Radio – My fiance and I are both big fans of the Cold War Kids.  This station plays a lot of their songs, plus other alternative rock music, like MGMT, Modest Mouse, Muse, The Black Keys, etc.  We are alternative rock junkies!

4)  Led Zeppelin Radio – Led Zeppelin is my favorite band EVER!  I can never get enough of their music.  This station plays a lot of their great songs, plus other classic rock like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, etc.  My Dad got me into this music as a kid, and I still love it today!

5)  Gorillaz Radio – Another one of our favorite bands is Gorillaz.  My fiance got me into this band when we first started dating.  I had heard them a few times before, and liked them, but he is pretty much obsessed with them, and that has sort of rubbed off on me a bit too.  Their music is just so fun and unique!  This station also plays bands like The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, White Town, etc.

What’s currently playing on your iPod, iPhone, or other device?  Let me know in the comments!

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