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When you’re a kid, you don’t really appreciate the things you have.  Only when you get older, and those things slip away from you, do you realize what you had, and then, you miss it terribly.  There isn’t just something that I miss, there are so many things that I miss, mostly from my childhood.  I miss both of my grandfathers, who passed away several years ago, when I was still young.  I have very fond memories of them, and wish they were still here, so that I could share my life with them.

I miss the stability of everything.  My Dad was such an awesome provider for our family, and my Mom was very nurturing.  Pretty soon it’s going to be my fiance and I taking on those roles with our daughter Kayleigh.  Sometimes I just really miss having someone always looking out for me.  Now I go through life hoping I don’t make a huge mistake that I’ll someday regret.

I miss family traditions.  Every Christmas Eve when I was a child, my family and I would drive to my grandparents’ house to celebrate.  The whole family would come.  My Mom was one of six children, so there were always lots of people there.  I had so much fun playing with my cousins.  The adults would buy a gift for everyone (back when things weren’t so darn expensive!) and us kids had such a blast opening presents all night.  We’d have a big, fancy dinner, with 4 or 5 different pies to choose from for dessert. After the party was over, my parents would take me back home and put me to bed, where I eagerly waited for Santa’s arrival.

Over the years, as everyone has grown up, and moved further away, we have adapted new family traditions.  Now, we get together on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in December, usually at my Aunt’s house, and we celebrate with whoever is able to make it. Instead of cooking a huge meal, we order pizza.  Instead of everyone buying a gift for everyone else, we have fun with a Yankee Swap.

Is there something that you miss?  Let me know in the comments!

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