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Are you experiencing weird pregnancy symptoms? It’s really not that uncommon to start feeling and seeing some pretty strange changes in your body during your pregnancy. Each pregnancy can differ, also, so you may or may not experience the same symptoms that your pregnant friends and family do. You may see and feel differences in each of your own pregnancies as well. One pregnancy you may experience a whole host of pregnancy symptoms that you don’t experience during the next.

Before I got pregnant with my first child, I knew that I’d probably get some morning sickness, my boobs would hurt and I’d be tired.  Those are all “normal” pregnancy symptoms that everyone talks about.  But, soon enough I learned that there are several weird pregnancy symptoms that no one really shares, probably because they’re a bit embarrassing! This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

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Well, I’m going to put my embarrassment aside, and tell you about some of my weird pregnancy symptoms. These are all strange symptoms I experienced during my pregnancy with my daughter. I don’t remember experiencing most of these when I was pregnant with my son. I tend to think women experience more severe pregnancy symptoms when pregnant with girls.

8 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

1.  Bloody nose – Very early on in my pregnancy,  I noticed that every time I blew my nose, the tissue was covered in blood.  I was really taken by surprise and scared at first, but after doing some research on the internet, it’s a perfectly normal pregnancy symptom. I still find it to be quite a strange pregnancy symptom though!  This symptom lasted almost throughout my entire pregnancy. My nose was constantly stuffed up and dry feeling, and it was quite embarrassing to blow my nose in public, because my tissues always ended up covered in blood.  No one wants to see that!

2.  Hairy belly – Yes, that’s right, a hairy belly! This is one strange pregnancy symptom that I was totally not expecting. One day, near the end of my first trimester, I looked down at my growing belly, and noticed that I had blonde hairs sprouting up all over the place!  My belly was completely covered with blonde hairs.  What a weird pregnancy symptom, huh?!  After doing some research, I learned that the hairs would fall out on their own after I gave birth, and they did. Resist the urge to shave your belly!

3.  Excessive discharge – I think this is one of the most embarrassing of the weird pregnancy symptoms.  There is a constant wetness “down there”.  In Jenny McCarthy’s book, Belly Laughs:  The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth, a great read by the way, she calls this the “snail trail”.  I’ve pretty much taken up stock in pantyliners and always keep a spare pair of undies in my bag for emergency situations.

 Belly Laughs, 10th anniversary edition: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth

4.  Horrible constipation – When I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I took those giant horse pill prenatal vitamins.  No one warned me that those would back me up so bad that I thought I would explode! The constipation was the worst I have ever dealt with in my entire life.  I seriously thought I was going to die if I didn’t have a bowel movement.  I had visions in my head of being rushed to the ER and someone having to unplug me up there.  Not a pretty thought. I ate a ton of prunes, switched to gummy prenatal vitamins, and finally got some relief!  Only one time since then have I experienced constipation that was equally as bad, after a few straight days of eating bananas.  I’m now on a banana strike!

5.  Crazy sneezes – My grandmother was always one to sneeze very loud and forceful.  As kids, my sisters and I would always snicker whenever she let one out.  We just couldn’t believe that someone could sneeze that hard and loud, especially since she’s just a petite little woman. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I too had those horribly loud, forceful sneezes.  They were the kind that shake your entire body and leave you reeling afterward.  At first, I was scared this was hurting my baby.  I felt sharp pains in my sides after a big sneeze, and thought something was wrong. It turns out this weird pregnancy symptom is actually pretty normal too, and will not hurt the baby.  The sharp pains I felt was just round ligament pain.

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6.  Klutziness – Pregnancy definitely threw my body out of whack.  I felt like I was in that awkward stage between child and teenager, and didn’t know how to control my own body movements.  I dropped stuff all.the.time.  When you’ve got a huge belly in front of you, it makes it hard for you to bend over to pick said dropped stuff up. I ended up learning how to pick things up off the floor with my toes!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I also lost my balance and fell on the pavement outside of my office.  Luckily, I was able to land on both of my knees, and she was perfectly fine.  I had to walk really slow and careful, so I wouldn’t trip over my own feet.

Memory foam slip-on shoes are really great during pregnancy. They are comfortable, easy to put on and take off (no bending over to tie shoelaces!!) and they are flat on the bottom which makes them super easy to walk in while your balance is off due to pregnancy.

7.  Pain in the butt – When I was about 12 weeks pregnant, I started experiencing a terrible pain in my butt, right above the crack.  I learned that it was sciatica, a perfectly normal pregnancy symptom, but one that also really sucks.  The pain got really unbearable at times.  It was so bad, that I could hardly walk.  It was one of those weird pregnancy symptoms that I just couldn’t wait to get rid of!

8.  Drooling – One night I woke up in the middle of the night to pee for the 12th time, and my face and pillow were COVERED in drool.  Gross!  I’d been dealing with this weird pregnancy symptom off and on throughout my pregnancy.  I think that it came from my nose being so stuffed up.  I had to breathe through my mouth while sleeping, leading to that nasty drooling habit.  Fun, fun!

What weird pregnancy symptoms have you had? Share in the comments below!

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