Nov 022012


Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last posted on here.  Let me catch you up on all the happenings in my life right now!

First of all, do you remember that day I sat in the car crying my entire lunch break?  Well, guess what?!  It turns out there was a very good reason for that!

My fiance (well, still technically boyfriend, but we have been discussing marriage for quite a while now, and plan to do so at some point next year after things settle down with my Dad’s health), and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little while now.  We are madly in love, have always wanted children, and are not getting any younger, so we decided to just go for it!

That day I sat in the car crying, I just had this “off” feeling that I couldn’t quite explain.  I had that feeling over the next several days as well.  I was extremely emotional and moody, and just didn’t feel right.  I thought my period had come, but it was really weird and sporadic, and I had absolutely no cramping, which is highly unusual for me.  So, 2 days before my 31st birthday, I bought a pack of 3 pregnancy tests.

My parents were still in Chicago, and were going to be there for an entire month, and my sisters were coming to visit the next day to celebrate my birthday a day early.  I decided to hold off on taking the test until my birthday.  I just knew if I found out before they came, I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret from them.  I am such a horrible liar, and I can’t hide my facial expressions very well.  I didn’t want them to find out if I was, because I KNEW they would tell Mom and Dad (over the telephone), and I REALLY wanted to tell them in person myself when they got home, if I indeed was pregnant.  Plus, what a great birthday present that would be, right?!

So, for the next 2 days, I just waited it out.  Boy, was that hard!  Those pregnancy tests were right there in the house, and I was so tempted to take one, but I was good and held off.  I went to sleep the night before my birthday, so excited thinking about taking the test when I woke up.  Well, I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to pee, and of course, I just could not resist taking one of those tests.  I had purchased a box of 3 Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy Tests, and I frantically unwrapped one of them and used it.  Only, I must have done something wrong.  I don’t think I held it in my stream long enough, honestly.  After a couple of minutes, the test gave me an error!  Talk about a huge let down. I decided against taking another one right then, because I didn’t really have to go anymore, and I thought this was someone’s way of telling me to wait until the morning.  I sure am glad that I did!

I woke up at about 6:00am that day (Sunday), and once again ran downstairs to take a test.  I waited a couple of minutes before I looked down, and I absolutely could not believe what I read.  PREGNANT.  My mind was instantly flooded with thoughts.  I was in shock.  I had been wanting this for so long, and could not fathom that it was actually happening to me.  At 31 years old, I am pretty much the last of all of my friends to have kids.  My best friend already has a 9 year old daughter!  I had always had this feeling that I would have trouble getting pregnant, that it would never happen for me.  So, I was ecstatic to find out that I was able to finally get pregnant!

John already knew my suspicions and he was excited to find out too, so I ran upstairs, test in hand, to wake him up.  In a shaky voice, I called out “Hun, hun”.  He sleepily answered me, “Was it positive?” and I eagerly yelled out “yes!”.  He immediately rolled over and sat up in bed.  He couldn’t believe it either!  I showed him the test.  We laughed, we cried, we hugged.  It was just amazing.

After we showered and got dressed, we took a drive to Pirate’s Cove in Bar Harbor to play some mini golf.  I had been longing to do this for years.  I had visited this place quite often as a child, and have some great memories from there.  After we were done our two rounds of mini golf, we headed next door to eat at the Log Cabin Restaurant.

When we were done there, we decided to head back home, since the weather wasn’t really all that great.  We just relaxed for the rest of the day, taking in our exciting news.

What’s the story behind your positive pregnancy test??