Pat’s Pizza, Orono, Maine

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If you live in Maine, then you’ve certainly heard about Pat’s Pizza.  If you don’t live in Maine, then I pity you for not being able to try this amazingly delicious pizza!  Pat’s Pizza has several locations throughout the State of Maine – Hampden, Orono (my personal favorite), Augusta, Presque Isle, Lincoln, Ellsworth, Hermon, Auburn, Yarmouth, Old Port, Windham, Bethel, Scarborough, and Sanford.

 Pat’s Pizza, Orono, ME 

“Pat” Farnsworth opened Farnsworth’s Cafe back in 1931.  He started his business with only $175.00, and put a lot of time and effort into turning it into a full service restaurant.  Pizza was added to the menu in 1953, and is now their most popular item.  Along with the addition of pizza to their menu, came the change of their restaurant name to “Pat’s Pizza”.

The thing I love most about Pat’s Pizza, is the sauce.  I have never tasted another pizza with a sauce like this before.  It truly stands out, and I could easily pick it out of a line up of other pizzas.  It’s really quite savory tasting, which I tend to prefer over sweeter tasting sauces.  This very special sauce was developed by Pat and his wife Fran.

Over the years, Pat’s Pizza has become a favorite of University of Maine students.  I recall having Pat’s Pizza for the first time while my best friend’s sister was attending school there, and I was instantly hooked on it!  It has been said that an education at the University of Maine in Orono, is not complete without trying a slice of Pat’s Pizza.  I completely agree.

Lucky for me, I work pretty much right next door to Pat’s Pizza, and can have it whenever I want!  My personal favorite is the taco pizza.  It is the most unusual and delicious pizza I have ever tasted.  This pizza does not have Pat’s special sauce on it, but instead has a sauce made from taco sauce and cheese (I think it’s some sort of con queso).

While I do love Pat’s special sauce, there’s just something about this sauce that I can’t get enough of!  Nestled on top of this sauce, is a combination of finely chopped onions (I really hate it when pizza places put HUGE onion slices on their pizzas, don’t you?), green peppers, hamburg, tomatoes, lettuce and crushed Doritos!  Yes, there tomatoes, lettuce, and crushed Doritos on this pizza!  It is absolutely amazing.  Because there are so many toppings on this pizza, they use an extra layer of dough (called double dough) to hold it all up, so it’s much easier for you to eat without making a mess all over the place.  This pizza is EXTREMELY filling, but I’ve been known to devour an entire small one by myself at times…  it’s!

My co-worker and I had Pat’s Pizza for lunch today.  She ordered a chicken caesar salad (which is also delicious!) and I ordered a spinach and garlic pizza.  I was craving both spinach and garlic in a bad way for some reason (I think it was my body’s way of telling me I was lacking some important things).  I was absolutely STARVING by the time I picked it up, so upon opening it, I devoured a slice before I could even take a picture of it.  Sorry!

The crust is nice and crispy around the edges, the cheese is cooked just the way I like it – not all gooey and sliding off the pizza.  There’s lots of finely chopped spinach scattered all over it, and very finely chopped garlic pieces, that I could smell the second the cashier put it down on the counter in front of me.  I ate.the.entire.thing. in about 10 minutes!

Pat’s Pizza carries a wide variety of other items on their menu as well, including lasagna, spaghetti, sandwiches (hot and cold), breakfast, salads, calzones, and lots of different appetizers.  One of my favorite appetizers are their cheese breadsticks. they are the BEST cheese breadsticks I have ever tasted.  They pretty much create a cheese calzone, without the sauce in it, then slice it up into cheese breadsticks.  This is served with a tub (or two!) of their special sauce.  They are to die for!

So, if you’re ever in Maine, check out Pat’s Pizza for one of the most delicious pizzas you have ever had!



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