Sep 052012


If you read my earlier post from today, you already know I’ve been having a pretty rough day.  I spent most of my lunch break from work out in the car crying.  I miss my parents.  I can’t stop thinking about what they’re going through right now.  Living in a hotel room, in a strange city, far away from their small hometown for an entire month.  My Dad being poked and prodded, and tested for everything under the sun.  My parents were both born and raised in the same area they live now.  They are definitely homebodies and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Maine woods.  Now, they’re in Chicago of all places!  Why couldn’t this stem cell treatment be done in Boston or something?!  At least then I could drive down to see them on the weekends.

Anyway, so, after spending an entire hour crying in my car today, I was just not in a great mood this afternoon.  One thing that pretty much always makes me feel better is ice cream, so I asked my boyfriend if he would mind going to Cold Stone Creamery with me after work to spoil our dinner by stuffing our faces full of ice cream.  Being the awesome boyfriend that he is, he immediately said he’d love to go with me.  I had a coupon good for a BOGO free ice cream because my birthday is coming up very soon, on the 9th to be exact (hint, hint for all of my family & friends out there reading this!).  So, not only did we get to eat amazing ice cream, we got one of them for free too!

My boyfriend went with Berry Berry Berry Good, and because it was in celebration of my birthday, I decided on the Birthday Cake Remix.  This one is usually made with a birthday cake ice cream base, but they were all out, so I chose sweet cream instead.  Then, they threw in some amazing brownie chunks, fudge, and yummy sprinkles!  My ice cream was awesome!  I wish I had been able to try it with the birthday cake ice cream, but it was still great.  Sure enough, a belly full of ice cream seemed to cheer me up a bit.

After we got home, I checked the mail, and I had received a birthday note from my best friend’s Mom, my “second Mom”.  My friend and I have been best friends for 24 years.  Can you believe that?!  Her parents had a house just two houses down from my parents, and when my family moved to town, Terri and I connected almost immediately, and became inseparable.  Earlier this year, Terri’s parents moved to Florida.  So, not only did I lose my parents to another state temporarily, but I lost my second parents to another state as well…  It’s been a pretty rough year.  This birthday note though, it really made my day.  To know that she was down there in Florida thinking about me, that was really awesome and brought a smile to my face.  So once again, thank you Jean for cheering me up today!

What about you?  What things cheer you up when you’re having a rough day?

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