Feb 122018
Celebrate Chinese New Year with Garlic & Ginger Sticky Chicken

This post was sponsored by Ling Ling, all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Forget ordering take-out! You can make delicious Chinese food at home with this quick and easy Garlic & Ginger Sticky Chicken recipe! Pair it with your favorite Ling Ling Asian Food products, and you’ve got a great meal the whole family will love! My kids absolutely love Chinese food. It’s one of the few things that my picky 4 year old daughter will actually eat, and she asks me to order it a couple times a week because she just loves it so much. While I love ordering Chinese food from our local restaurant, it can get expensive, and I don’t always want to get the kids {CONTINUE READING…}

Jan 242018
Save Money with the My Hannaford Rewards Program

Save money on your grocery purchases with My Hannaford Rewards! This post is sponsored by Hannaford Supermarkets. All opinions are 100% my own. At the beginning of this year, my husband and I decided to take a good look at our finances and figure out how we could trim our budget to save more money. To save money on our electric bill, we started doing things like turning our thermostat down, unplugging things around the house when we’re not using them, and hanging our clothes to dry instead of using the dryer. We went over our other monthly bills to see if we could lower them, too, and managed to save ourselves quite a bit of money. We purchased a {CONTINUE READING…}

10 Small Kitchen Organization Products

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Dec 262017
10 Small Kitchen Organization Products

These small kitchen organization products will make your life so much easier!  Now that Christmas is over, I am already starting to think about my resolutions for the new year. Last year, my resolution was to lose weight, and I accomplished that while on the keto diet. It feels so amazing to actually achieve the goals you set for yourself! This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking a link in this post. My two big resolutions for the upcoming year are to get my house organized, and to be a lot more frugal with my money. My house is very small, at only 960 square feet. We don’t really have a lot of storage room {CONTINUE READING…}

Quick & Easy Cherry Pomegranate Lemonade

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Dec 222017
Quick & Easy Cherry Pomegranate Lemonade

This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks, Inc. and Simply Orange Juice Company. I am so excited to spend time with my friends and family this holiday season. We love getting together to share laughs, great food and cocktails! Before I had kids, I used to spend hours planning and making sure everything was just perfect for our parties. Now that I’m a Mom with two young kids, I don’t have the time or energy to do that, so I get a little help from Sam’s Club. They make shopping for holiday gatherings so easy, and really help take the stress out of entertaining. I love buying my family’s favorite party snacks in bulk. A huge container of Member’s Mark Deluxe {CONTINUE READING…}

Keto Gift Basket Ideas

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Dec 012017
Keto Gift Basket Ideas

Staying on a keto diet through the holidays can be challenging! Surprise your keto dieting friends and family members with an awesome keto gift basket to help keep them on track this holiday season! Read on to see some of my favorite keto-friendly treats for filling your keto gift basket. My husband and I were on a keto diet during the holidays last year, so I know just how hard it can be to resist temptation during this time of year. Everyone around us was stuffing their faces with sugar filled holiday goodies, while we were trying to stay as far away from them as possible. Staying keto through the holidays can be very challenging, and I certainly would have greatly appreciated {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct 312017
Make Mealtime a Breeze with Specially Marked Tyson® (no antibiotics EVER) Chicken Products

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.  Being a Mom is the hardest role I have ever filled. I am constantly questioning myself. Am I setting a good example for my kids? Am I making the best decisions for them? Am I spending enough quality time with them? The questions seem to never end. There is always a new one lurking at the back of my mind. There is no handbook for parenting. Everyone’s kids and parenting styles are different, and we all just have to do what works best for us and our families. I would love to say that we should not be so hard {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct 042017
5 Reasons Why You'll Love a Tomorrow Sleep Mattress {+ a $100 Coupon!}

I recently turned 36 years old, and I’ve been feeling my age a lot lately. The grey hairs have started popping up more frequently, I’m seeing laugh lines all over my face that were never there before, and I’ve been dealing with some serious back pain. I remember how I used to laugh at all those jokes about getting older and having back pain, but it’s really no joke! Back pain can make you feel miserable and ruin your whole day. My body has been feeling a little out of whack for a while now. Getting older, having two difficult pregnancies in the last 5 years, and losing 100 pounds really took its toll on me. The sciatic nerve pain I had {CONTINUE READING…}

Oct 022017
Low Carb Pumpkin Pudding {Made with Cauliflower and Stevia}

This Low Carb Pumpkin Pudding is a great way to enjoy that delicious pumpkin flavor you love, while staying on your low carb diet! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of In The Raw and SheSpeaks. All opinions are entirely my own. Last year, my husband and I started our journey on a keto diet two weeks before Thanksgiving. Our whole family thought we were absolutely crazy, but we had made up our minds that we were going to follow through with it, and we did. We stayed on our keto diet for about 8 months and reached our goal weights. It felt amazing! Now that we have reached our goal weights, we have loosened our belts up a little bit. {CONTINUE READING…}

Jalapeno Zucchini Cheddar Scones

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Sep 262017
Jalapeno Zucchini Cheddar Scones

These Jalapeno Zucchini Cheddar Scones are a delicious savory scone you can enjoy any time of day! It may be fall, but the weather here in Maine has been screaming “Summer’s not over yet!” this week. It actually got up to 90 degrees here yesterday, and my husband and I were completely regretting having already taken the air conditioner out of our bedroom when the temperature was still 81 degrees at 11pm last night. Even with the hot temperatures we’ve been having, I cannot get rid of this baking bug that I have. My mind is saying “It’s fall! Bake all the things!!” So, I’ve been trying to get any baking I want to do done during the early morning hours {CONTINUE READING…}

Old Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies

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Sep 222017
Old Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies

You’ll love these old fashioned soft pumpkin cookies, just like Grandma made! It’s officially the first day of fall, and I am so excited! I have already been apple picking once this year, but my family is headed back to the orchard again tomorrow. Our local orchard has so many activities going on all the time, that we visit a few times before the season is over. In addition to their bountiful supply of apples and pumpkins, they have squash and flowers available for picking. They also have an ice cream stand, fresh baked apple cider and pumpkin spice donuts, apple cider, goats that my kids just love to feed, chickens, rabbits, a bird cage, a sand box, hay rides, a {CONTINUE READING…}